Tenley Wallace is the original visionary and current creative director for The Moving Mandala. Native to the Bay Area, she also spends time in various international hubs throughout the year, maintaining the project’s global nature while allowing Tenley to continue deepening her dance and spiritual studies with master teachers. She graduated from SFSU with a degree in International Relations.

Inspiration for The Moving Mandala is a cumulation of Tenley’s life work which includes participating in the daily life of traditional cultures and communities.  For example, she periodically lives with a Tibetan refugee family in Ladakh, providing an authentic experience with life and conditions of the people. In 2008, she was with the Khalbelia gypsies who live in the desert of Rajasthan, India where they shared their culture, dance, and the need for accessible clean water in their village.  Experiences like these deepen the inspiration for all her projects, namely TMM, dance, garments, teaching, and producing cultural arts events.

Her dance is based on tribal belly dance, with a distinctive modern fusion of traditional sacred dance forms. In addition to her committed dance and yoga practice, she has also adopted various chi gung vitality practices with a focus on women's health. She creates a synergy of these modalities along with her studies of the sacred feminine to develop the content of her workshops. In 2000, she launched her private fashion and costume label, Thinley Wangmo, with the intention to merge traditional costume designs and textiles with modern functionality and style. She has presented her work as a performer, teacher, and garment designer throughout the world including Canada, Japan, India, Egypt, Turkey, and Europe. 

Her innate mission is as an ambassador of the old world with the new by sharing the importance and richness of the planet’s traditional cultures to those of the modern.  She believes that in order to survive in a diverse and healthy world, we must allow the ancient traditions of this planet to thrive, and receive their wisdom as guides for this rapidly shifting and unprecedented era. It seems clear that we need to ask traditional communities how the resource rich West can help them to continue surviving amidst the infringing modern world, while we encourage and celebrate them to continue with their original practices and beliefs.

Destino Das, Permaculture Activist, Co-founder of The Moving Mandala creator of Drive on Water, New Technologies & Innovations, and co-founder for Art of Union  He has worked with permaculture communities throughout Canada, Costa Rica, and the US. Currently, he is our media maestro, developing our web presence, promotional films, and soon to be our original music.  Additionally, he is one of the primary contributors for the men's retreat in Ladakh this June, as well is responsible for coordinating the team for the corresponding Seva Water Project. See “Sacred Journeys” for details. For many years, he has been committed to his diverse yogic studies, and more recently has immersed himself in the disciplines of martial arts and kung fu. Destino is originally from Vancouver, Canada, yet spends much time in California with his fiance Tenley and his company, Drive on Water. He is an avid researcher and developer for alternative and "thrivable" options for energy and health, a DJ and musician, web designer and multi media producer.

Aeon Karris has played a primary role as our Business Consultant & Manifesting Coach. Personally and in her work, Aeon’s goal is to connect personal values to business through intuitive knowledge of goals, methods and self-purpose. Her travels around the world for business and pleasure have given her a range of multi-cultural experiences that can only come with having been ‘there’. She is a true entrepreneur, uniter, networker and way-seer for her generation. As a business consultant, Aeon has worked with some of the world’s leading corporations, helping establish their first international footprints, corporations such as MTV Interactive, Sony Japan, Sega, and Panasonic. Her specialty lies in inspiring individuals to realize their dreams and take them from conception to fruition. Her past productions of large fashion shows, musical tours, virtual reality environments, technology products, magazines, CD’s and business consulting all come to the table to help move this project forward.

Volunteers are a valuable part of keeping The Mandala moving. Much gratitude and appreciation to all of you for your continued support and believing in the Dream!  Love!